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Camp Kill Yourself

Where you can't get me
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First and foremost, this community is not the place to be if you're a psychotic fangirl who wants to post about how Bam Margera is OMG HOTT!!!!!1!11one (if you want that go to bammargera)

I put this place together as a place for people to come discuss the band, movies, upcoming projects, and all that other relavent crap.

So, let's get started with a few simplpe guidelines, shall we?

1: Any post that is about the hotness of ANYONE will be deleted and we'll ban you because you are stupid and I hate you.

2: Any post that says anything to the effect of, "OMG, I hate Jenn, she's such a bitch, I hope her and Bam braek up!!!11!!1" will also be deleted because nobody cares how much you hate Jenn for going out with Bam.

3: Please try and keep posts relevant. This means keep it about the band and movies. Quiz results are not relevant, PLEASE don't post them. Nobody cares about your quiz results.

4: Please don't post a, "Hi, I just joined.." post, unless you actually have something to say.

The main reason for this communityis to get information and talk about the band without having to scroll through 15 pages of fangirl rants to get to what you need.

~Jinny, lofi_thriller